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This blog is all about opening myself up to joy. I post about Glee, Doctor Who, the Oz multiverse, superheroes, Elementary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Phantom of the Opera, among other things. I like stories and probably your least favourite characters.
Sep 21 '14

lea michele: a summary (insp)

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Sep 20 '14


someday I’m gonna write a song and it’s going to be called “art is subjective” and it will be about how nobody is wrong for liking or disliking anything or interpreting it whatever way they’re interpreting it so don’t be a toolbox about other people’s tastes

Sep 20 '14
Sep 20 '14

~press your space face close to mine, love~


~press your space face close to mine, love~

Sep 20 '14





What happens to cats in zero gravity ?   more educational gifs«

OH GOD THOSE POOR BABIES i am sobbing i am laughing so hard

There’s a lot of really awful shit going on right now so here are some zero-gravity cats.


Sep 20 '14


other things of note

  • Minnie Mouse is maybe one of the universe’s most powerful wizards alive
  • you inexplicably gain the power to summon Chicken Little; this is never really addressed or brought up in any sort of story context from what i remember
  • Donald Duck nearly succumbs to avarice at the hands of an egg jewel and probably almost becomes a greed elemental or something
  • Tifa from FF7 bumps into you, asks you if you’ve seen Cloud, kicks a wall and then leaves abruptly
  • Goofy becomes a turtle on multiple, separate occasions
  • Yuna, Rikku and Paine from FF10-2 are fairies
  • real quote from Mickey Mouse, wearing a black hoodie: “Hey fellas! Did someone mention the Door to Darkness?”
  • you, an anime character, and your friends, cartoon characters, enter the hyper-realistic world of Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • you become a lion. Pete also becomes a lion and turns Scar, from The Lion King, into the in-universe equivalent of a lion Dracula
  • Pete has a fierce fight with Pete from the past
  • the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty give you more powerful pants
  • Winnie the Pooh has no idea who you are
Sep 20 '14

This is the last moment before Rachel is lured down a dark path that eventually breaks her. She doesn’t pull herself back to this level of confidence until the end of season three.


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Sep 20 '14





Arabian Little Red Riding Hood with a red hijab

A Japanese Snow White with her coveted pale skin and shiny black hair

Mexican Cinderella with colorful Mexican glass blown slippers

Greek Beauty and the Beast where Beast is a minotaur

Culture-bent fairy tales that keep key canonical characteristics


Afro-Caribbean Rapunzel with 75-ft-long dreads.

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Sep 20 '14

I have posts about Marley, Mercedes, and Brittany to write, as well as an actual fanfiction. I have homework and Model UN forms and my thoughts on Once Upon a Time to sort through. Here’s something I want to say right now:

Glee is going to end as the exact show that I want, or very nearly. This is not going to be true for a lot of people, and that makes me sad.

Sep 20 '14



if u are scared or worried or stressed please just remember that even if you mess up super badly, doggies on the street will still tug on their owners when u walk by because they wanna say hello to u so badly

This is legitimately comforting.
Sep 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

I laugh at this blog everyday, I wish you could do this forever. Too bad the show's probalby going to get cancelled...



Y’all, this is for real. I’ve looked at the ratings and they are bad. Like really really bad - the worst it’s ever been. I think there is a very strong chance this will wind up being our last cycle.

That’s a shame because this show is amazing. Yeah, I make fun of it relentlessly, but I love engaging with the show. There’s no reality TV show that makes me chuckle quite like this one. The editors are straight up hitting it out of the park the way they’re putting this show together lately. [If you work in post on ANTM, please say hello - I love you.]

If we want the madness to continue, we need to do our part. Tell your friends how hilarious this show is. I brought it up with some friends this weekend and their responses were, “Is that show even still on?” “That show can’t be any good” and “I don’t give a shit about modeling.” To which I responded “It is still on, it is not necessarily ‘good’ but it is super entertaining, and this show is far from a serious modeling competition.”

You’re not going to hook many new people with the modeling competition angle. Instead, tell ‘em why we actually love this show. Tell ‘em about Tyra covering the house with pictures of herself. Tell ‘em about silly string runways. Tell ‘em about DNA spit tests. Tell ‘em about Tyra obsessing over some guy’s “manaconda.” Tell ‘em about a witch casting spells on his competitors. Tell ‘em about the beard weave. I did this and people were like “Okay, fuck, I have to watch this show.” 

I often get kind messages from people who says they started watching the show (or restarted watching the show) just because of my blog. So thanks to you readers/fans of the show who reblog these posts and help spread the word to outside audiences. I’ve added some Facebook share/tweet links to the bottom of each post (I think? Coding is confusing) to make it easier to share these posts with new people, too. The more people who realize how hilarious ANTM is these days, the more that will watch and keep it on the air, I figure.

I’m sure it also helps when you watch the show on Hulu and since they can count how many people are tuning in (and watching the ads) via that as well. I’m not ready for this to end!

Sep 20 '14


so with a lot of rewatching and a LOT of help from the glee wikia, i’ve finally put together a comprehensive glee timeline the covers from the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 5. i mostly just wanted a timeline for my own reference but then i started making it prettier and easier to read and i figured i’d post the whole thing in case it’s useful for anyone else.

because the whole timeline together is almost 6000 pixels wide, i’ve had to chop it into 5 separate images just to be able to fit it all on tumblr. but i do have the full timeline on imagebam (click to view fullsize).

there are notes on the timeline about what all the colors and different symbols mean, so if you’re confused you can check those out! i’ve done my best to make it simple and easy to read but it does get a bit cluttered anyway, especially around season 4/5 with the extended school year.

i’ll probably fix this timeline to include season 6 once the series ends as well, so if you’re looking at this timeline and notice any discrepancies or anything i may have forgotten to include, please let me know and i’ll add it onto the final version that includes season 6!

Someone made the timeline! I like how you tracked the various couples, although I don’t know whether Jesse/Rachel is a real thing in season two.

Other things: Graduation is actually in June, since that’s when Sam and Mercedes dated at the end of season two. Where do we get the birthdays that aren’t Rachel’s?

Sep 20 '14

the perks of being in the Kingdom Hearts fandom


the perks of being in the Kingdom Hearts fandom

Sep 20 '14
Sep 20 '14


Benvolio + sadness