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Then I stood and thought until my thought ran down

This blog is all about opening myself up to joy. I post about Glee, Doctor Who, the Oz multiverse, superheroes, Elementary, and Pushing Daisies, among other things. I like stories and probably your least favourite characters.
Apr 19 '14

What Will Weeds Watch Next


I have less than half a season of The West Wing left! *emoticon*

I can’t decide what to watch next! My next ~political~ shows are Kings and House Of Cards, but I kind of want to take a break? Let the west wing scripts percolate before I watch David and dog killing, etc.

So that would mean Doctor Who would be next, right? Rose just left: finish 10, investigate Torchwood. Sounds great, except I am a WIMP and Who was getting too scary for me, and idk if I like. Need to be more scared right now.


So THEN I should look into Shows About Death—Pushing Daisies, Six Feet Under, maybe finish Dead Like Me…

There’s always Brooklyn 99. Ha.

ANYWAY, this is clearly a decision too powerful for one person to make. So. Tumblr. What should I watch?

If you want more Doctor Who goodness without venturing into Torchwood, I heartily recommend The Sarah Jane Adventures. If Torchwood is Who for adults and Who is fun for the whole family, TSJA is Who for the younger set, complete with sonic lipstick, a gaggle of pre-teens, and more farting aliens.

Frankly, although Tumblr loves Torchwood, I find it rather too joyless for my tastes. You might like it just fine, but it really does strip away most of what makes Who special and adds Violence, Nudity, and Coarse Language for its own sake. Even the monsters are mostly uninspired, because the iconic guys are too “silly” for grimdark adult fare.

TSJA, on the other hand, is concentrated happiness. :D

On the other hand, Pushing Daisies is one of the best fucking shows ever made. Do watch, and then enlist Colton to make you pie.

Apr 19 '14
Glee Cast - I'm the Greatest Star (Glee Cast Version) (Glee: The Music, Opening Night)

I’m the Greatest Star (Glee Cast Version)

She’s acting so hard.

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Apr 18 '14








in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.

Canada is an amalgam of UK and US stuff, they use spellings and pronunciations interchangeably. You can go to a lot of places are use US currency and they’re like “whatevs.”

Basically, if the US and the UK had a baby who paid for things with Monopoly money it’d be Canada.

Well, we use a lot of things interchangeably here, yes.. but not zee and zed, lmao. It’s just zed here.

I’ve heard both.

Apr 18 '14

Milk in cookie cup.


Milk in cookie cup.

Apr 18 '14


do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character

Apr 18 '14






dash is named dash because he runs really fast

violet is named violet because ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye

so what’s jack jack’s name got to do with his power

jack of all trades because he has so many powers



I always thought her name was Violet because she was shy (i.e. a shrinking violet).

Apr 18 '14

I finally listened to the full track of “No One Is Alone”. Oh goddess.

People make mistakes


People make mistakes
Holding to their own
Thinking they’re alone

Honour their mistakes
Everybody makes
One another’s terrible mistakes

Witches can be right
Giants can be good
You decide what’s right
You decide what’s good

Just remember: someone is on your side (our side, our side)
Someone else is not
While we’re seeing our side
Maybe we forgot: they are not alone, no one is alone

This… this is everything about Glee. Absolutely all of it, the entire mission statement and methodology, with beautiful harmonies that bring me to tears.

In this episode, Rachel drives everything away. She’s always so much more sympathetic when she sings.

(“It’ll destroy me emotionally.”
"I just think that anything we share right now is gonna be confusing for you.”

"Do you think my dad built a car with me because he loves cars?”
I’m just so scared that you’re gonna keep changing, and you’re gonna keep getting stronger. And then one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize that “I don’t love him anymore”.”

"Your Glee Club saved my kid’s life.”)

I seriously never need to listen to music other than those verses.

Apr 18 '14


The other reproductive rights:

  1. The right to not be sterilized against your knowledge
  2. The right to not be sterilized against your will
  3. The right to not be coerced into sterilizing yourself in order to gain citizenship, relief from imprisonment, change a gender marker, etc.
  4. The right to determine how you will give birth
  5. Placeholder for rights regarding adoption which I don’t have the ability or energy to articulate right now
  6. The right to not be forced/coerced/tricked into selling your child? How about that one?
Apr 18 '14






26 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

This needs more notes.

no one seems to care if they are guys 

reminder that rape and sexual abuse happens to everyone, not just girls

I love this.

Apr 18 '14


Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be anti-science. I do believe in The Big Bang Theory, I just don’t think it’s funny or deserves six seasons.

Apr 18 '14



There are wonderful people in this world…it’s just really hard to find them

I think I’ll notice them when they’re wearing costumes

It’s the Unicorn from Through the Looking-Glass!

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Apr 18 '14


someone put blaine anderson, rachel berry, sharpay evans, and ryan evans in a room together.

put one mic in the middle

lock the door.

Apr 18 '14

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Apr 18 '14
I love this image.

I love this image.

Apr 18 '14



Oh my god but Blaine actually talking about his feelings and continuity and his hero complex and wanting to help and not wanting help for himself. 

This is fucking amazing. 

The writers know who Blaine is. Bless.